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We should have stayed in that cave.

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Giants are about ten to twelve feet in height. They are capable of great feats of strength such as wrenching the bars of an iron gate apart. They are covered by a shaggy pelt of fur that is thicker below their waists than above.

The fur of older giants becomes grey and streaked with white. Their heads are thrust forward from their shoulder blades.

They have sloped chests, and their lower torsos are about half again as wide as their upper torsos. Their arms hang lower than a man’s, while their legs are shorter than their arms, ending in splayed and horny feet that need no shoes even in the coldest weather. The female giants look similar to the men. They speak the Old Tongue.

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the rain can’t hurt me now
this rain will wash away what’s past,
and you will keep me safe,
and you will keep me close
i’ll sleep in your embrace at last

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*weeps for 70 years*

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SpeedPaint: Oberyn Martell, the Red Viper of Dorne by nell-fallcard
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“Elia of Dorne,” they all heard Ser Gregor say, when they were close enough to kiss. His deep voice boomed within the helm. “I killed her screaming whelp.” He thrust his free hand into Oberyn’s unprotected face, pushing steel fingers into his eyes. “Then I raped her.” Clegane slammed his fist into the Dornishman’s mouth, making splinters of his teeth. “Then I smashed her fucking head in. Like this.”

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Like this.

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